Kitchen Cleaning Edwardsville IL

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Your kitchen is one the most susceptible places in your home to bacteria and pests. A clean kitchen is very important for the health of your family!

Ensure the cleanliness of your kitchen by hiring Edwardsville Cleaning Service. We will provide you with a quality, professionally cleaned kitchen whose surfaces you can eat off of - literally!

We will clean and disinfect your kitchen from top to bottom leaving it sparkling and shiny. We only use the best quality cleaning materials for our cleaning service, and take special care to make sure your kitchen will be as clean as it can be. Get a free quote at 618-391-9152

We will provide you with:

  • Clean kitchen counter tops
  • Clean kitchen sink
  • Clean stove top
  • Clean oven
  • Clean dishes
  • Clean refrigerator
  • Clean kitchen flooring
  • Clean cabinetry
  • Clean window sills
  • Clean light fixture
  • ... and much more!

In addition to kitchen cleaning, we also provide bathroom cleaning, bedroom cleaning, living room cleaning, and much more.

Take advantage of our full range of cleaning services by calling 618-391-9152

We will provide you with a free quote and the best cleaning service in Edwardsville IL!

Call us today. We would love to clean your residence in Edwardsville, Alton, Maryville Glen Carbon, Bethalto, Collinsville, Troy or the surrounding areas in Illinois!

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